Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Realities of an Acting Career (part 2 of 2)

This may include working long and irregular hours, traveling across the country and shooting a scene under adverse weather conditions. You won’t always get the chance to sleep in a hotel so most of the time you will have to bunk in a trailer. If there is a break, you can go back there or just wait in the dressing room until its time to perform the scene.

If you happen to have a part in a television show, you have to be able to memorize your lines quickly because this may change within minutes. This is more challenging when you are performing this live in front of a studio audience.

If the scene you are shooting is done out of town or out of the country, don’t expect to see your family often or have a social life. You will just have to make up for this when everything is finished.

Aside from wearing make up and putting on costumes, you should always be in good physical condition to be able to perform a part so you will be able to take cues and work around complex technical sets and still be able to project your voice audibly.

Before the director or producer can say cut and print, you will have to do a lot of rehearsals and a lot of takes so everyone will get it right. If you are worried that they will work you like a dog, don’t bother because there will always be breaks in between so you avoid experiencing dehydration or heat exhaustion.

The reality of an acting career is that it will take a lot of blood, sweat and tears for you to succeed in this business.  You may not always be nominated for an Oscar or Academy award for everything you have done but at least you have a job.

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